Meet Deborah

Deborah is a second generation American from Hungarian immigrants who fled war torn Europe for religious and economic betterment. Her family lived the American dream by learning the language, working hard, following the laws of the land and developing a successful milk farm in Michigan.

Born in Michigan and raised in Iowa, the heartland afforded a small town upbringing with conservative Christian values. After high school, Deborah attended college in Pennsylvania and received a degree in Sociology.


She went to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and started her career in Forensic Science. Her first crime scene consisted of the photographic identification of 112 souls from the United Airlines Flight 232 crash in Sioux City Iowa.

Her Criminal Justice career spans 32 years in Forensic Identification work, testifying as an expert witness in court, training law enforcement officers, writing grants and policies. She performed laboratory quality assurance assessments and inspections for national laboratory accreditation. After retiring she started a second career as Quality Assurance Manager for a nutrition company.

Deborah retired to Arizona a few years ago with her husband and their rescued pets. They live in the hills of Rio Rico and enjoy Pena Blanca Lake. Building off her quality assurance background. Deborah’s goal is to fill the Arizona House seat as an accountable representative of all Americans of Legislative District 2.

As an elected representative, it is one’s duty to: protect your constitutional rights, represent local district interests, and to scrutinize the work of government for accountability as part of checks and balance.

It is NOT a representative’s sole duty to raise revenue through taxes or seek federal subsidies that indebt our state. For too long, representatives have believed their duty is to introduce legislation and make more rules and regulations which restrict your freedoms and create debt. It’s not a contest of who passes the most legislation or who gets the most community awards.

Representatives are defenders of your civil rights and guardians of constitutional rights for every American. Special interest groups who try to push their agenda with disregard to the rights of all others steal our freedoms and create imbalance and malcontent in our communities.

As a Conservative and Constitutional Republican, I will defend the right of every parent to give their child school choice, for Americans to follow their convictions and freely practice their choice of religion. I support our veterans, law enforcement, the second amendment and strong border security. I support fair trade and immigration policies that keep families safe and together with a clear path to citizenship.

Conservative Platform

Deborah is running for Representative in Arizona's Legislative District 2

Southern Arizona is a vital border district encompassing Santa Cruz County up to South Tucson. Despite what the previous representatives have said about it, this border district is still an open toll-road where America pays with the lives of it's children, families and innocent vicims of human trafficking and drugs. I will be ever stalwart in stopping it from turning into a cosmopolitan inroad of incursion.


Cell phone:   520-310-0824


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