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Legislators, not the administrative state, make the rules.

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

This is why we have elected officials to make important decisions instead of administrative state, appointed department heads, with single focused agendas. Executive orders shall take into consideration all factors, including your rights and safety on all levels.

Time to rewrite the emergency statutes in Arizona to define and limit executive orders, and make those issuing executive orders accountable for any negative outcomes.

Posted by Editor on June 16,2020

California Public Health Officers Resigning Amid Criticism Over Pandemic Rules

Read the Article HERE

Posted by Editor on June 16,2020

California attorney Leigh Dundas gives shocking evidence why wearing masks won't stop you from giving or getting the Chinese virus and how dangerous it is for your health.


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Deborah is running for Representative in Arizona's Legislative District 2

Southern Arizona is a vital border district encompassing Santa Cruz County up to South Tucson. Despite what the previous representatives have said about it, this border district is still an open toll-road where America pays with the lives of it's children, families and innocent vicims of human trafficking and drugs. I will be ever stalwart in stopping it from turning into a cosmopolitan inroad of incursion.


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