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Onto the General - But first a Pep Talk from the Coach

Dear Americans,

If you voted in the Primary election, thank you for participating in one of the most important duties as an American Citizen. I and every candidate who ran in this election stepped up to the challenge to represent our neighbors and constituents. It is not always an easy or pleasant task to undertake. We thank you for being part of this process.

Only about 32% of registered voters actually voted in the primary elections in LD2. This election process determines which candidate(s) will proceed onto the General election and ultimately be your elected official.

When citizens do not participate in this process it indicates that:

· They do not care who their elected officials are, or…

· They do not know who the elected officials are.

In either case, these “do nots” disrupt the fair and representative election process.

Campaigning is a trying task usually involving driving many miles to meet constituents, paying for advertising via radio, print and web based media. During sheltering-in-place directives, this activity became more driven and condensed into limited activities.

The driving force of societal activities during this time, and still today, is the unwatched, illegal executive orders and mandates that have more to do with economic control and commerce disruption than have to do with public health. Whenever, in any other public health situation (floods, measles outbreaks, sewer and water line breaks, and air-quality dangers) do government entities close down all commerce and economic activities state wide?

Citizens, for the most part, are still tolerating the economic disruption and overreach, thanks to the contrived and narrowly focused agenda of the media, convoluted virus stats, and the trickle-out of government emergency loans and subsidies.

Too many red flags have been tossed in the air over this alleged health crisis and we still have future vaccine issues to face. This political season will be the deciding factor in which way the country will go with regard to government control and political overreach.

Prior to November 3rd General Election, please talk with everyone you know and ask if they voted in the primary and if they did not, find out why. If they “do not” care or know why, please take the time to inform them or assist them in becoming involved in this process.

Political candidate information can be found at the following resources (this list is not all-inclusive):

Center for Arizona Policy Voter Guide

CEC candidate compass

SOS Elections site

Newspapers and radio interviews

Websites – Political party sites and individual candidate sites

Call your local Precinct Committeeman or nearest GOP office for more information

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. Please share this newsletter with your friends and family.

Without laws we have no country. Without borders we have no nation.

Ever Stalwart,

Deborah McEwen, Candidate for AZ House Representative LD2

Election and overreach please vote
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Deborah is running for Representative in Arizona's Legislative District 2

Southern Arizona is a vital border district encompassing Santa Cruz County up to South Tucson. Despite what the previous representatives have said about it, this border district is still an open toll-road where America pays with the lives of it's children, families and innocent vicims of human trafficking and drugs. I will be ever stalwart in stopping it from turning into a cosmopolitan inroad of incursion.


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