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Who's watching the coffers?

The Legislature's job is not to generate revenue through taxes. We need to look for ways to reduce taxes. Bad business deals happen, but it's an accountable government that discovers and corrects bad business, preferably before it happens. Since the Arizona Constitution has been around for awhile it is unconscionable that, in the business world, this happened at all.

Phoenix Violated State Constitution by Giving Hefty Tax Subsidy to Private Developer

“Arizona’s Constitution is plain: Taxpayer resources should not be used to advance private, special interests. The court’s ruling today reaffirms that vital principle and should put government entities across the state on notice that taxpayers cannot be made to foot the bill for special interest projects of politicians,” said Jon Riches, Director of National Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, who litigated this case. Click to Read The Article

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Deborah is running for Representative in Arizona's Legislative District 2

Southern Arizona is a vital border district encompassing Santa Cruz County up to South Tucson. Despite what the previous representatives have said about it, this border district is still an open toll-road where America pays with the lives of it's children, families and innocent vicims of human trafficking and drugs. I will be ever stalwart in stopping it from turning into a cosmopolitan inroad of incursion.


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